2005 Sea Owl Association Reunion
Held in Branson, MO
Sept 27th - Oct 2nd

All left to right as you view the picture.
Front holding banner: Francis Rabaey TM 53-55 & Tom Moniz EM 62-66
Sitting: Lamar Taylor CO 52-55

First row standing:
Peter Bailey QM 54-56, Jerry Farr QM 62-64, Bill Kirby RM 66-68, Mike Silvaggio QM 66-68
Bob Evans EM 44-45, Dennis Doyle QM 65-66, Roy Purtell TM 66-68, Walt Deal TM 62-65
Frank Kenyon ST 68-69, John Leers YN 53-57, Ed Welch CS 66-69

Back row:
John Barnes MM 64-66, Mike Polhemus SO 56-57, Ken Johnson LTJG 62-65, Jim Franks TM 66-68
Ron Pingleton EN 64-67, Bob Ruppel MM 63-65, Bob Kail ET 64-65, Henry Fulkoski EN 68-69
Ed Bess EM 64-69, Mike Toomey ET 63-64, Bill Brinkman FN 59-60, Don Clouse EM 52-54
Bob Laird EM 53-56

Missing from this photo:

Dick Buscher EM 62-65 (in photo with wives,,on far left), Norris Dalton YN 59, Dan Hicks IC 59-60
Mike Jansen TM 59-62, Mike Maloon IC 66-69, John Salerno SO 52-54 (in photo below with Capt. Taylor's crew) Howie Stein IC 59-61
This is a photo of shipmates with their 1st mates
Roy was lucky enough to have two girls with him. Standing on his left is daughter Adrianne.
Sitting is
Lamar Taylor CO 52-55
Others pictured are part of his crew during his time in Command.
John Leers YN 53-57, John Salerno SO 52-55, Francis Rabaey TM 53-55, Bob Laird EM 53-56
Peter Bailey QM 54-56, Don Clouse EM 52-54